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July 11, 2017


Post by Hotdog.Recipes


A website all about hotdogs!



"Hotdog Lover & Addict"


Hi there! Thank you for visiting I really hope you enjoy my site, my blog and of course my recipes! Obviously I'm a 'hotdog-addict'! I eat hotdogs, dream hotdogs, live hotdogs… So one day I decided it was time to start a website about.. Yes, HOTDOGS!

On this website you’ll find mainly hotdog recipes, but it’s also in a way an interactive platform where you can share your experiences with others by commenting on my recipes. Feel free to let me and others know what you think of my website and recipes. In case you like it, share the love!


My ambition with this sideline website project is to add as many hotdog recipes as possible. More accurate and realistic about one recipe per week. All the recipes I post are my own creations. Of course I get inspiration from other recipes, things I see, and stuff I read, but mostly I customise my own recipes.

Coming up with new recipes takes quite a bit of time. Let alone, doing groceries, preparations, cooking the recipes, taking pictures, editing pictures, writing the directions, posting etc. Ideally I make this hobby my full time occupation and extent this website with more blog posts, a lot more recipes and even instruction videos, but realistically I have a full time job and a family.

Nevertheless I don’t want to let down on the growing “Hotdog Community”.. And it’s my passion! So expect some great stuff and share it with others!


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