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April 26, 2017

My First Blog Post (for real!)

Post by Hotdog.Recipes

Oh dear! My first blog post! And that’s official!

Today I realised that I really needed to write my first blog post. The reason? You guys started to follow me on social media. Not on huge scale but the numbers are surely growing. This is actually pretty unintentional since I feel my website doesn’t have enough to offer yet. And I hate people visiting my website knowing it’s not 100% yet.. Fact is that some of you will visit my website and I want to explain the status of this ‘sidetrack project’. You need to know this whole hotdog thing is really a passionate hobby. Although I love to come up with new hotdog recipes, and of course prepare them and eat them, I’m actually quite busy with my full time job (owning my own small business) and my family.┬áNevertheless I will try to get a new recipe on my website at least once a week.

So far, so good. This website, which I start building already almost a year ago, is life and I’m happy with it. Now it’s time to tweak details here and there. So that’s what I’m up to in the coming weeks.